Reading Kid’s Books

Every year, our Level 1 classes and higher learn to read kid’s books in an interactive way using researched-based literacy strategies used by teachers throughout NYC. You can see weekend students in action above. Here are some of the strategies they used:


Talking about the pictures on the cover

Identifying the author and illustrator

Making predictions about what the story is going to be about

During Reading:

Changing your voice

Using body language

Discussing important vocabulary

Asking questions to check comprehension

Asking for opinions and making more predictions


Reviewing important vocabulary

Re-telling/summarizing the story

Connecting the story to readers’ real lives

Try it at home today!

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Hungry for Reading

This spring in the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program we learned how to read books to children – and not just read, but how to ask interesting questions and make reading fun. Several of our students got the chance to read to actual children in the University Settlement Early Childhood Day Care classes. Watch the video above to see how it went!

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