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Our 3A and 3P students recently wrote about their encounters with doctors, hospitals, and ill health. Enjoy one below and then take the quiz to test your understanding.


Noelia Cardoso

The Scorpion

When I was ten years old, I was in my bed at midnight when I felt a bite. I started to cry a lot because it hurt. My mom came to me and asked what happened, and I said a scorpion stung me. Then she tried to find the scorpion. It was in my blanket.

My leg started to hurt. My mouth and my throat started itching and then I started to throw up. I continued crying and my dad said we had to go to the hospital immediately because I looked so bad. My father tried to find a car to take us to the hospital because it was so far away. I can remember it was so difficult for my father to find a car. Finally one neighbor wanted to do the favor and took us to the hospital.

In the middle of the ride I could not breathe. It was so difficult for me to breathe. It took more than ten minutes to arrive at the hospital. My mom tried to talk to me but I couldn’t speak. I think moms are so brave most of the time. We pass through many troubles in our lifetime.

Finally I needed six antibiotics because my body didn’t respond to the first antibiotics. My mom thought that day I was born again because I almost died that day.

In my town it’s normal to see scorpions everywhere, especially when the wind is strong. We have to take care in the house, especially in the bed. You don’t know if you can find a scorpion when you use the bed to take a nap. That’s why I love New York because we don’t have to worry about scorpions in the bed.

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Health Stories

Classes 3A and 3P have penned more stories, this time about health and health problems and going to the hospital and the doctor. Read one below and then take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension.

Shu Fang Chen


When I was pregnant with my son in 1995, I was in a clothing shop one day when I got a stomachache. I called my husband to take me to the hospital. After an hour I saw my doctor. She said my son was almost coming out. But after one day my son did not come out, so the whole night my stomach hurt.

The next morning the doctors said I needed to have surgery. When I was in the operating room, the doctors got everything ready, but then there was a power outage. I was lying on the operating table and it was very cold. Nobody cared about me. After an hour the doctors told me there wouldn’t be surgery now, so I needed to give birth by myself.

When I heard the news, I was sad. I was unlucky. I was in the operating room for three hours giving birth to my son. Afterwards I felt very cold. When I went back to my hospital room, my mother gave me two quilts, but I still felt cold and very tired. The nurse told me not to go to sleep, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open because I hadn’t slept for two days. My mother sat next to me and kept talking. Now I know mother is the greatest.

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Awesome Adjective: Allergic

Meaning: To have allergies; usually used with “to,” as in “allergic to something”


My nephew’s allergic to peanuts, so don’t give him a peanut butter sandwich.

At the hospital, they always ask you if you’re allergic to any medication.

She has a rash. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction.

Pop Quiz:

If you’re allergic to something, what should you do?

A.  Stay away from it.

B.  Don’t eat any of it.

C.  Tell your doctor about it.

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