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Excuse My French Revisited

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Speaking of French, we used many French words and phrases in English. Here are some examples from Wikipedia:

adieu, avant-garde, baguette, bon appetit, bon voyage, boulevard, brunette, café, carte blanche, chauffer, chic, cliché, clique, coquette, coup d’etat, croissant, cul-de-sac, décor, déjà vu, derriere, en route, ennui, entrée, entrepreneur, façade, faux, faux pas, femme fatale, fiancé, fiancée, film noir, forte, gaffe, genre, hors d’oeuvre, impasse, je ne sais quoi, laissez-faire, liason, lingerie, malaise, Mardi Gras, melee, milieu, montage, motif, mousse, nouveau riche, omelette, panache, parole, pastiche, poseur, prairie, protégé, provocateur, rapport, reconnaissance, renaissance, repertoire, sabotage, sauté, savant,  savoir-faire, silhouette, soiree, tour de force, vinaigrette, and voyeur.

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English Fun Fact: Odd Planet Out


The only planet in our solar system not named after a god is Earth. All the rest are named after ancient Roman deities.

Mercury was the god of commerce and travel and was Jupiter’s messenger.

Venus was the goddess of love and the mother of Cupid.

Earth comes from the old Germanic word for ground or soil.

Mars was the god of war.

Jupiter was king of the gods.

Saturn was a god of agriculture and Jupiter’s father.

Uranus was a sky god and Jupiter’s grandfather.

Neptune was the god of the ocean.

Pluto – no longer considered a planet – was the god of death and the underworld.

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English Fun Fact: The Quick Brown Fox

The following sentence contains all 26 letters of the alphabet:

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”