Daytime Classes

Last but not least, let’s meet our daytime folks! They come to class 4 mornings a week. Some of them have to drop off their schoolchildren early in the morning on the way and pick them up after class, and some other students have to go to work right after their class or a few of them come to class before hitting the sack in the morning after their night shift. No matter how different their lives are, their goal is the same, to improve their English skills and their lives!

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It’s Fall in New York City!

Autumn, also known as Fall to many Americans, is one of the best times to be in New York City!

We all know the seasons, so let’s learn a new word,


Fall Foliage to be specific!

The noun “foliage” (pronounced: Fole-EE-edge) means – plant leaves collectively.

So when you imagine “fall foliage”, you may imagine the photo below:

Luckily for us, this beautiful scene is right here in New York City!

Whether you’re a plant lover, or not, checking out the fall foliage around NYC can be a fun free activity for the whole family. (or a romantic retreat!)

Take a look at these 5 fall foliage spots to check out in New York City!

  1. Fort Tyron Park in Washington Heights!
    Fort Washington Ave at Cabrini Blvd

    2. Prospect Park in Brooklyn

    Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

    3. Central Park, Manhattan

    Central Park Lake, Near 74th street and Central Park West

    4. Alley Pond Park, Queens

    Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

    5. Greenbelt Nature Center, Staten Island

    700 Rockland Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

    My favorites are Central Park and Alley Pond Park!
    If you have been to one the parks above, let us know in the comments!

    Happy Fall!

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    Adult Education and Family Week #AEFLWeek

    More than anyone, our students know why adult education is important!

    This week we take some time to shed light on the need for more adult literacy classes for Adult Education Family Literacy Week! (#AEFL).

    In order to educate the next generation, we need to ensure that parents are educated as well!

    Below are 5 facts to note the importance of adult education:

    How does adult education affect your life?

    What do you plan to do with your education?

    Let us know in the comments!

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