Idiom of the Week: Drop the Ball

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Meaning: To make a mistake.


Sorry, I dropped the ball. It won’t happen again.

I really dropped the ball this time – I forgot my husband’s birthday!

If you keep dropping the ball you’re going to lose your job.


Pop Quiz:

Which of the following are examples of dropping the ball?

A.  Forgetting to pay your electricity bill, which results in your power being cut off.

B.  Showing up late to a job interview.

C.  Misspelling many words in an important business letter.

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In Seventh Heaven Revisited

Listen to a song hearkening all the way from 1929 using our latest Idiom of the Week. The Lyrics are below:


I’m in Seventh Heaven

Duane Smith & His Band

I’m in the seventh heaven

It’s easy to guess, my baby said yes

I know I’ve just thrown a great big seven

And she was the prize, what lips and what eyes


She’s got all the stuff, got all the things

She thinks that I’m angel enough without the wings

And that’s why I’m in the seventh heaven, heaven

Having a heck of a time