Student Orientation

If you are a returning student or a new student, you should have received a phone call about student orientation. You MUST come to student orientation – the times and classes are listed below. If you did not receive a call from us, feel free to call us!


Wednesday, September 2, 9:00 am: 1A, 1B, & 3A

Wednesday, September 2, 11:00 am: 1P & 3P

Thursday, September 3, 9:00 am: 0A & 2A

Thursday, September 3, 11:00 am: 0P, 2P, & 3C

ALL EVENING CLASSES: Tuesday, September 8, 6:30 pm

ALL WEEKEND CLASSES: Saturday, September 12, 9:30 am

What’s your Zodiac sign?


Western countries use 12 different signs (called Zodiac signs) to describe someone’s personality depending on when they were born. Zodiac signs can be very popular and are based on the arrangement of the stars. Some people say they can tell your future or help you make decisions. You can find information about your Zodiac sign in most newspapers, magazines, on the internet, even many people can tell you something about your Zodiac sign. They can be an interesting way to start a conversation.

Look at the chart above and find out what your Zodiac sign is, then look at the list below and use a dictionary to read the descriptions.

Do the positive adjectives match you?

Do the negative adjectives match you?

Do you believe the stars can influence your life or tell you something about yourself?

Do you have something similar to the Western Zodiac in your country?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Capricorn (December 22—January 19)
–Positive personality traits: responsible, persistent, disciplined, calm
–Negative personality traits: pessimistic, conservative, shy

Aquarius (January 21—February 19)
–Positive personality traits: inventive, clever, humanitarian, friendly
–Negative personality traits: aloof, unpredictable, rebellious

Pisces (February19—March 20)
–Positive personality traits: romantic, devoted, compassionate
–Negative personality traits: indecisive, escapist, idealistic

Aries (March 21—April 20)
–Positive personality traits: generous, enthusiastic, efficient
–Negative personality traits: quick-tempered, selfish, arrogant

Taurus (April 21—May 20)
–Positive personality traits: reliable, stable, determined
–Negative personality traits: possessive, greedy, materialistic

Gemini (May 21—June 21)
–Positive personality traits: witty, creative, eloquent, curious
–Negative personality traits: impatient, restless, tense

Cancer (June 22—July 22)
–Positive personality traits: intuitive, nurturing, frugal, cautious
–Negative personality traits: moody, self-pitying, jealous

Leo (July 23—August 22)
–Positive personality traits: confident, independent, ambitious
–Negative personality traits: bossy, vain, dogmatic

Virgo (August 23—September 22)
–Positive personality traits: analytical, practical, precise
–Negative personality traits: picky, inflexible, perfectionist

Libra (September 23—October 22)
–Positive personality traits: diplomatic, easygoing, sociable,
–Negative personality traits: changeable, unreliable, superficial

Scorpio (October 23—November 21)
–Positive personality traits:  passionate, resourceful, focused
–Negative personality traits: narcissistic, manipulative, suspicious

Sagittarius (November 22—December 21)
–Positive personality traits: optimistic, adventurous, straightforward
–Negative personality traits: careless, reckless, irresponsible

Inspirational Speeches

Speeches are a great way to practice listening. Here are 20 of the best inspirational speeches from movies. You can listen to one in the morning to start your day off, maybe one while you are walking through the park and one while you are cooking, cleaning or relaxing in the evening. If you like the speeches you can also check out the movies that they are from. There are some great movies on the list. Have you seen any of them?

Click here for even more inspirational speeches

Mother Tongues

Languages spoken around the world
Languages spoken around the world

There are at least 7,102 known languages alive in the world today. Twenty-three of these languages are a mother tongue for more than 50 million people. The 23 languages make up the native tongue of 4.1 billion people. We represent each language within black borders and then provide the numbers of native speakers (in millions) by country. The color of these countries shows how languages have taken root in many different regions

Use the picture to answer the questions below. The first person to post all 8 answers correctly will win a prize!

  1. How many languages are in the picture above?
  2. How many people speak English as their mother tongue?
  3. How many people in the United States speak English as their mother tongue?
  4. How many people speak Spanish as their mother tongue?
  5. How many people in the United States speak Spanish as their mother tongue?
  6. How many people in China speak Korean as their mother tongue?
  7. In how many countries do people speak French?
  8. How many people are learning Italian?

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