No G-mail? No problem!

Go to:

1. You will see this screen.

2. In the next screen, if you want to change to another language, click on the bottom-left of the screen:

3. Fill out:
– First name, Last name
– Your email address
– Password, confirm password

Click Next

You will see this screen. 
Google sent you an email with a verification code.
Verification code is 6 numbers (Ex: 123456)

4. Check your email for the Verification Code

(Video to check email for verification code)

5. Enter the Code (example: 051326) from the email. Click Verify.

(Video to enter verification code)

6. No phone number needed. 
Enter birthday and gender.

Click Next.

7. Scroll to the bottom ⬇

Keep scrolling down ⬇
Click I agree.

Check for an email from your teacher. Sign in using your email account.

8. Now you are in Google Classroom! Check your name and email address.

Select Google Account for Google Classrom
Click Continue.

Click Join class.

This is your Google Classroom.

🎉 You’re finished!

There are 2 ways to go back to Google Classroom.

  1. Use the same Google Classroom link from your teacher’s email 
  2. Go to

Google Classroom App for

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