How to Use Google Classroom for Students (Computer Tutorial)


Step 1

After joining the class by using the link sent by your teacher and signing in with your Google account; this is the page you will see. Here your teacher will put announcements about class. It is called “Stream”. Please read this every day to see if your teacher puts anything important.

Sometimes, your teacher will put the Agenda for the Class, so please read carefully. Always read before class starts.

Step 2

Sometimes, if your teacher lets you, you can post questions or comments on what your teacher posts, or you can make your own posts in “Stream” to ask questions and your teacher can respond.


Step 1

Click on the “Classwork” tab on the top middle part. This is where your homework will always be. Check this every day. You are responsible for checking and submitting your homework.

Step 2

Click on your homework and then click “View Assignment”.

Step 3A.1

You will have to submit homework one of two ways depending on how your teacher does the homework.

One way is if your teacher posts homework written in description. If they do that, you will click on “+ Add or create” and then click on “Docs”.

Step 3A.2

After it is created, click on your document that has the name and title. Type your homework in the Google document.

Step 3A.3

After typing your homework in the Google Document you must click “Turn in” on the top right. It is next to the blue button that says “Share”.

And click “Turn In” one more time.

Step 3A.4

Always check that your homework is submitted. It will look like this.


Step 3B.1

Sometimes, you will have to click on the document that is already created for you by the teacher. It is above “Turn in”. Click on the assignment and then do your homework on that page.

Step 3B.2

When you are done, Click on “Turn in” and follow the other steps above to submit homework. 


Your teacher may put your monthly test and writing assignment on Google Classroom. You must complete the Google Form.

Step 1

Click on the test that is located in the “Classwork” tab, same place where your homework is.

Step 2

Click on ”View Assignment” and open up the assignment.

Step 3

Click on the exam that shows there under description.

Step 4

You must answer EVERY QUESTION to finish and submit your exam. For multiple choice, click on the answers, for Monthly Writing Tests, type your answer and then click Next page or submit.

Step 5

When you are done, you will see that it is submitted.

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