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Voiced vs. Voiceless (Unvoiced)

To pronounce past tense regular verbs – verbs that end in “ed” – correctly, we should know if the verb ends in a Voiced sound or a Voiceless (in another word, Unvoiced) sound as we learned and took the quiz many years ago. Then, what do Voiced and Voiceless (Unvoiced) mean? You can understand what they mean by putting your hand on the front of your neck as shown in the video below.

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Our W0 weekend students had a group project about restaurants. They created a menu together, imagining they were opening a restaurant. They looked at each menu to compare the foods and prices and decide which restaurant they would most likely go to. What is your favorite restaurant?

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My Adult Literacy Class Means…

Our W1 weekend students also expressed what their Adult Literacy Class means to them. What does Adult Literacy Class mean to you?

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Idiom of the Week: Touch Base

Iowa outfielder Robert Neustrom stretches to touch 1st base at Duane Banks Field on Friday, Apr 29, 2016. Iowa was defeated by Kansas State, 3-2. (The Daily Iowan/Peter Kim)

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Meaning: To make contact with someone again; to contact someone to talk about something again.


I will touch base with you next week.

I just want to touch base with you on the topic we talked about before.

Let’s touch base on this later.


Pop Quiz:

If someone wants to touch base with you, they want to…

A. Talk again with you.

B. Go to the baseball stadium with you.

C. Get or give an update on something from or to you.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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