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An Imaginary Trip Around the World

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you  An Imaginary Trip Around the World, the brand-new writing collection from the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program and the NYU Gallatin Writing Program. The following story/poem, along with the other stories in the collection, comes from the Advanced Writing Class taught by Prof. June Foley of NYU Gallatin with the help of undergraduate student-teachers. Enjoy!

I Remember

Lisa Szeto

I remember when I was a child. My mom had five children, including me.

I remember my mom holding my hand. That was over 50 years ago.

I remember my parents smiling at us when we did better than before.

I remember my parents beating us when we did the wrong thing.

I remember when we turned on our first TV. It was black and white.

I remember the first time I noticed wrinkles on my mom’s face.

I remember when I first noticed the spots of brown on my father’s face.

I remember the day I came to New York. The city was heavy with rain.

I remember the first time I saw snow falling, and they were little flurries. I cried from excitement.

I remember when I first heard William call me “Mom.”

I remember all the good and the bad. I like to remember the good most of all.


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We Speak NYC

We Speak NYC, formerly We Are New York, has returned with Season Two of videos specifically made for English Language Learners living in New York City. Each video comes with a script and also links to city services.

Click here to go to We Speak NYC.

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2P’s Greatest Hits

Now it’s Class 2P’s turn. They also wrote about their lives in NYC, money, their jobs, and families, as well as accidents and emergencies. Click here or on the picture below to read it all.

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