Awesome Adjective: Damp

Meaning: A little wet.


When I get a headache, I go lie down and put a damp towel on my forehead.

My clothes are still damp even though they’ve been in the dryer for an hour!

His diaper feels damp – you’d better change it.


Pop Quiz:

What’s the opposite of damp?

A.  Dry

B.  Humid

C.  Greasy

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Idiom of the Week: Ring a Bell

Meaning: To sound familiar; to remember something, but maybe not very well


“Do you know Felipe Sanchez?” “The name rings a bell.”

“Don’t remember? Well, I’ll read some addresses and you tell me if any of them ring a bell.”

She asked me if I had ever studied past perfect tense and I told her it rang a bell.


Pop Quiz:

Which of following might ring a bell?

A. The keys to your apartment.

B. The name of a movie.

C. Your cell phone.

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