My Hometown

Our Computer Class students recently wrote about their hometowns. Read one example below, and take the quiz afterwards to test yourself!


My Hometown

Limei Chen

I am from Guangzhou, Guangdong (Canton), China. Canton is a province in the south of China. Guangzhou is the capital of Canton and it is near Hong Kong and Macau, but it has no coast or beach. Guangzhou is the third largest city in China. There are about 14 million people and the number is increasing every day. People in Guangzhou speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

Guangzhou is a very beautiful city. The Five Goats Statue is the symbol of Guangzhou. There are only a few hills in the city and most of the area is fields. Guangzhou has a big river that we call Pearl River, which gives us the drinking water we need. Guangzhou has never had an earthquake or hurricane. It is a very safe city. Guangzhou has four distinct seasons. Summer is longer than winter, and it’s very hot. It doesn’t snow in the winter.


Guangzhou has three big shopping areas: Beijing Road, ShangXiaJiu Road and East Tianhe business zone. Lots of tourists like to visit these shopping places.

The most famous thing in Guangzhou is the cooking culture. Guangzhou has a lot of restaurants with different kinds of food and they are open from 7 am to 12 am every day. Some of them stay open all night because many people like to have a midnight snack. Most of the Guangzhou citizens like Cantonese cuisine because it is very delicious and easy to make. Cantonese people usually have tea and refreshments (we call that Dianxing) in the morning at a restaurant. Every time you go to a restaurant for breakfast, you will see it is full and you need to wait for a seat.



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Awesome Adjective: Allergic

Meaning: To have allergies; usually used with “to,” as in “allergic to something”


My nephew’s allergic to peanuts, so don’t give him a peanut butter sandwich.

At the hospital, they always ask you if you’re allergic to any medication.

She has a rash. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction.

Pop Quiz:

If you’re allergic to something, what should you do?

A.  Stay away from it.

B.  Don’t eat any of it.

C.  Tell your doctor about it.

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Published Writers in Our Midst

Jose LR

A new edition of The Literacy Review is out, and the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program has four students who have their work published in it: Elia Cheng, Jesus Gomez, Xiu Lin, and Galyna Nyzhnyk.

The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Edited by NYU Gallatin students, the book is distributed at a celebration that includes readings by the newly published writers. The faculty adviser for the Literacy Review is NYU Gallatin Professor June Foley, who also teaches an advanced writing class here at University Settlement.

Last week, our student writers were invited to the Literacy Review celebration at NYU. Jose Gomez (pictured above) read his story to everyone in attendance. You can read it for yourself right here:


Jesus Gomez

It was Wednesday morning, a regular day, but it looked particularly beautiful to me. It was raining, and it was a little bit chilly. I took the bus to my work. The bus ran on Fifth Avenue next to Central Park. There was a lot of traffic, and the bus moved very slowly. I thought it was a bad idea to take the bus because I don’t like to arrive late for my work, but when I looked through the window, it was beautiful as I saw the rain, and the leaves from the trees turning different colors. It was amazing that for one moment I could forget I was going to work and that I was late for work.

I hadn’t felt something like that for a long time. I remembered the days growing up in Mexico when I played with my friends in the rain. Nobody cared about being wet or getting sick. After we finished playing, everybody went home, and my mother was very mad. She told me, “If you get sick, don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear that you are sick, and you don’t want to go to school.”

I told my mama, “Don’t worry. I am not going to tell you anything.” After my mama finished talking to me, I took a very hot shower. Then my mama made me hot chocolate and called me to the kitchen, where I drank my hot chocolate. I went to the living room and lay down on the sofa for hours. I felt great.

Finally, the bus started moving faster, and I could see a few people walking down the street. Everybody had an umbrella. But I saw one old lady with a little kid who started playing in the water. He opened his arms and started jumping. I said to myself: This is what I’m talking about. Sometimes you need to enjoy the day, and it doesn’t matter if it is raining, sunny, or snowing. You can enjoy every moment. This was my beautiful day. That was when I felt happy. When I remembered the day in Mexico, it was a good memory that motivated me to write this essay.

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Idiom of the Week: Spill the Beans

Meaning: To tell a secret to other people.


He finally spilled the beans and they arrested his accomplices.

I want the party to be a surprise, so don’t spill the beans!

After she spilled the beans about her relationship with Roger, her husband wanted a divorce.


Pop Quiz:

If someone spilled the beans about a secret you told them, how would you probably feel?

A.  Angry

B.  Sad

C.  Nervous

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