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Describe This Picture

A little summer homework for you. Answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES in the Comments Section:

1. Who do you see in  the picture?

2. Where are they?

3. What are they doing?

4. How do you think they feel?

5. What other things do you see in the picture?

Click here to answer the questions!


The New York Times in Chinese


The New York Times is considered to be one of the best newspapers in the United States. It has great stories about New York City, of course, but it also has excellent articles about world news. And now it has many of its stories in Chinese. If you’re studying English with us, you should of course first try reading the articles in English – but then if you need to you can check the Chinese versions. Click the picture above or click here to read the New York Times in Chinese.

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Babe the Blue Ox

The unofficial mascot of the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program is Babe the Blue Ox. You can see some pictures of him above. He is our (unofficial) mascot because of his strength and intelligence. And we really like the color blue. You can read more about him by clicking here.

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Adjective Round-Up

As with idioms, we presented you with a number of Awesome Adjectives to use in your everyday speech and writing. Here they are all in one spot to review. Just click on the word to refresh your memory:
















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Idiom Round-Up

This past year, we were introduced to a number of colorful idioms in common use in American English. Here they are all collected in one spot – just click on them to study.

Get Down to Brass Tacks

Set in Stone

Ancient History

Wandering Eyes

Bring Home the Bacon

Count Your Blessings

Walk on Eggshells

Jack Frost

Kick the Habit

Get Cold Feet

Excuse My French

Call It a Day

Health Nut

Luck Out

Once in a Blue Moon

Fed Up


A Piece of Cake

Bug Someone

In the Heat of the Moment





















Literacy Out Loud

Here’s a video of the annual Literacy Review celebration at NYU. Watch for the Adult Literacy Program’s own Grace Zhang at the 1:23 mark!

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