One of the most difficult parts of English is pronunciation. Today we’re going to look at the pronunciation of past tense regular verbs – verbs that end in “ed.” For example: walked, laughed, visited, cleaned.
There are three different ways to pronounce “ed” at the end of a word: like a “t,” like a “d,” or like “id.” It all depends on the ending of the verb.
With verbs that end in p, k, s (or a c which sounds like “ssss”), ch, sh, ph, f, x, or h, “ed” is pronounced as a “t” sound.
Examples: cooked = cook(t), danced = danc(t), helped = help(t)
With verbs that end in l, v, n, m, r, b, v, g, w, y, and z, “ed” is pronounced as a “d” sound.
Examples: arrived = arriv(d), called = call(d), opened = open(d)
With verbs that end in a t or d, “ed” is pronounced like “id.”
Examples: rented = rent(id), visited = visit(id), started = start(id)
Now watch the video below for more information, then take the quiz:

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  1. Thank you for teaching how to pronounce past tense regular verbs. It is very useful for us because people don’t understand what we say if we don’t pronounce English correctly.

    • Ally, I really agree with what you said. You are a smart girl. I like to watch the other videos that teach us how to talk on the phone in a polite way too, it is great.

  2. It is a good video to teaching people how to pronouncing the end sound of past tense words. It is clearly and helpful; it makes me understand more deeply about the pronounce.

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